I’M 0,984508459048905840945% NORDIC


Daniela. Seventeen. If you're here, you're here because you can handle my creys. So welcome. Enjoy the unbelievably large amount of Zachary Quinto, Jesse Eisenberg, and all around fuckery. Also, this blog is pretty gay so. Don't be frightened if you experience sudden glitter explosions while looking at it. Oh and THIS IS MY OWN PRIVATE DOMICILE AND I WILL NOT BE HARASSED. BItch.

levyontv replied to your post: THIS WHOLE WORLD’S A PUSSY JUST WAITING TO GET…

This is the wisest thing you have ever said. (Besides Ke$ha lyrics, obvi)

It’s a mantra to live by, really.

The pussy’s all around. Just fuck it.